Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Graduation from lame lee's perspective

a bit the slow ahh but still nice to see photos right!! since will be pretty slow to upload to gmail, think its better to put some here first...

dinner at chung ying for the last time! bye bye to overpriced but good chinese food! memories of singsoc chinese new year dinners, and countless meals here...

my table...had 3 tables, but not all "kids" could fit in 1 so ww and i were here while kh and shiling's bro on another. can tell who's folks from who's? (that's really bad grammar :P)

earlier on in the day, we did a damini pose....dun scold me.. its ur darling kh's idea lar! ahahahahaha

looking pandai and semangat under the crazy hot sun

15 years or more (less) of education, wah biang i tell u man, its all to do this

in art centre

we all cheered outside butterworth hall when we saw cp came on stage!

final crew..

that's all for now folks! take care and see you all!!

"porn chop"

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