Thursday, July 28, 2005

sorrie..bali updates again!

wrote an email... this is what it wrote:

ANIWAE...i just talked to vidya on the phone...

so so.. WE have decided to put such and such a date and hopefully everyone will follow... the rest who cant make it i'm sorry..

15th -- 17th august === Jakarta

17th --- 20th august === Bali

20th august onwards === surabaya

those who are not interested to go to jakarta and surabaya...can just book your own tickets to arrive at bali straight. will update again on the time so we can all arrive around the same time so we dont have to make multiple trips to the airport in bali to pick pple up.

those who wants to see jakarta can arrive on the 15th or 16th if you all just want to stay for a nite. then we will all leave together from jakarta to bali.

if you all want to save trouble.. you call can buy one way tickets so that you can go back to spore straight from bali instead of going back to jakarta (for those going to jkt but not surabaya) but if you all dont mind flying to jkt again and flying to spore again.. i will make sure you are taken care of in jakarta...even if i'm not there (cos i might be going to surabaya hee hee)

oke... hopefully everyone can try and arrange their schedule to follow the one above. unless there are many strong requests to change the dates to earlier...these would be the confrimed dates!

sorry cos we cant make it a weekend!


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